Give a Gift of Black Onyx Jewelry!

Black Onyx JewelryBlack onyx jewelry has been worn for centuries by people around the world. The dark black gemstones have always held a special place in ancient cultures and even today many people believe that the stones possess mystical properties. This gemstone is used to create rings, earrings, pendants, bracelets and just about every other form of jewelry. It is popular among men and women of various cultures and is experiencing a surge of popularity among younger people.

Birthdays: It’s probably safe to say that your special person has never received onyx jewelry for his or her birthday. If you want to give a birthday gift that will be treasured for a lifetime consider a black onyx ring for your loved one this year. If you or someone you know is about to celebrate a wedding anniversary, consider a set of matching black onyx rings as a gift to man and wife! You can choose settings and stones that compliment the wedding bands and engagement ring worn by the happy couple. Black onyx jewelry is a very popular Christmas present for both men and women. Imagine the look of surprise on your loved one’s face as he or she unwraps that specially wrapped gift box on Christmas morning!


Gifts for the Insect Lover

Insect lover in the family? Try a pair of big butterfly earrings, an ant ring, a bug bracelet or, for the exotic touch, a scarab beetle necklace or bracelet. The ladies will love a rose keychain or a piece of ladybug jewelry. For the guy who loves insect specimens, a real shark tooth necklace, spider paperweight, beetle bottle opener or an insect keychain featuring a green chafer beetle or sea horse might be just the thing! Try a clear Lucite keychain or a glowing keychain gift!

Bugs in resin add a unique flavor to any gift. A real scorpion necklace or scorpion belt buckle is sure to be a one-of-a-kind gift. Computer enthusiasts will enjoy a mouse with a spider inside or maybe a glow-in-the-dark computer mouse. On the office décor theme, try a dragonfly paperweight or a Lucite stapler with a glowing golden scorpion. The old-fashioned recipient might prefer a flower pen or bug pen — our collection includes ant pens, ladybug pens, even spider pens!’s Lucite specimen displays capture real turtles, snakes, insects in resin and more. We offer engraved paperweights, insect displays, Lucite animals and other Lucite products. Visit today to see our vast collection of Lucite jewelry, cordless computer mice with real insects inside, and other exotic and unique gift items


Great Fathers Day Gift Ideas – Kenneth Cole Black For Men Gift Set

Brief Overview Of This Kenneth Cole Black For Men Gift Set

The Kenneth Cole Black By Kenneth Cole Black For Men Gift Set includes a 3.3 oz eau de toilette spray, a 3.4 oz aftershave gel, a 2.6 oz deodorant stick, and another 0.5 oz eau de toilette spray.

In case you are wondering, the Kenneth Cole Black fragrance is a fruity and fresh blend of woods and sweet spice. The scent gives off a masculine feeling and is specially designed for the working man.

Kenneth-Cole-Black-MensCustomers’ Feedback About The Kenneth Cole Black By Kenneth Cole For Men Gift Set

This particular Kenneth Cole Black Gift Set has received raving reviews from customers who have bought and used it.

When it comes to the cologne, many of them feedback that it smells amazing, and that the smell stays on the entire day (unlike many other colognes that stay on for only a couple of hours at most).

Also, when it comes to ordering the gift set on, all the customers have commented that it arrived on time, and the entire product arrived exactly as it was presented.

All in all, the customers are very happy with their purchase.

Our Final Verdict

The Kenneth Cole Black By Kenneth Cole For Men Gift Set will definitely make a wonderful Father’s Day gift for your dad.

It has a nice fragrance which your dad will certainly love. Your mom will certainly also love the way your dad smells.

Also, in this package, your dad will also get a deodorant stick, as well as a toilette spray, all with the same smell. And as such, your dad, when he uses all the items in this gift set, will smell the same when using the items as compared to similar items but of different scent. The fragrance smells great, is not overwhelming, and thus is perfect for your dad to wear to work in the day.

He will most likely get compliments on the fragrance, which will certainly make him happy (as it is human nature that all human beings love to receive compliments). Moreover, also in the gift set is an extra smaller bottle of eau de toilette spray which your dad can carry around easily for use whenever needed.

Therefore, please your dad this Father’s Day by giving him the Kenneth Cole Black For Men Gift Set. We are very confident that your dad will be delighted to receive it.

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